Frequently asked questions about the Presso Machine

What is the size of a Presso machine?

The exact size of the new Presso machine is: 1'7" x 4'5" x 6'3". It is designed to fit through doors and slide around on wheels for extreme portability. Imagine rolling around a clothing rack.

What is the price of a Presso machine?

Presso is currently in an all-inclusive monthly service. As the service costs vary based on location, rental period, and usage, please submit an order request on the website or call us to receive a quote and reserve a machine.

What are the electric and water requirements to use Presso?

The new Presso machines use a standard American dryer outlet (4-prong, 30 Amps). Standard outlets can be available upon request.
Presso comes with reservoirs for water and cleaning liquids so you don't need any hookups apart from electricity. Reservoirs are really easy to refill via a service drawer. Presso supplies its proprietary cleaning and disinfecting liquids as part of the service.

How mobile is the machine?

Presso machine has wheels and is designed to fit through any regular sized door for easy mobility and placement.

Can Presso go on a wardrobe trailer?

Presso machines are not currently designed to work on trailers or trucks.

What garments can be handled?

Presso can clean and press shirts, polos, delicate blouses, trousers, suit jackets, scrubs, T-shirts, short and medium length dresses, pants, ties, and coats. Currently, we do not support full-length gowns, electronic blankets, or leather jackets.

Can Presso clean only one garment at a time?

The new Presso machine can clean up to 1 to 2 garments at a time.

What fabrics can be put inside the machine?

The Presso machine is able to handle most strong to delicate fabrics due to its gentle tumble-free cleaning technology. Presso has already cleaned 100% silk, polyestor, cotton, wool, linen, rayon, etc. We recommend against using natural leather due to the moisture in the steam.

Can modifications be made to handle certain wardrobe needs?

Yes. If certain modifications are necessary for your use-case, the Presso machine can be upgraded via both hardware and software. All upgrades are reflected across all Presso machines. So the more you use, the better it gets!

Is our cleaning liquid suitable against COVID-19?

We use EPA registered disinfectants for COVID19 under the guidelines of CDC and EPA.