Put your traditional hotel
dry-cleaning service on Autopilot.

Save your staff time and wow your guests with an automated garment care machine that is 360x faster than conventional dry-cleaning services.

Presso dry-cleaning ordering platform

Traditional hotel dry-cleaning services are archaic and inefficient.

Long turnaround times

Archaic paper forms

Complicated pricing

No transparency

Filled out hotel laundry form

Handling old paper receipts

Dependency on 3rd party cleaners

Unnecessary calls to the front desk

Manual end-of-month accounting

Introducing an on-demand guest laundry and dry-cleaning service

Introducing an on-demand guest laundry and dry-cleaning service

Unparalleled guest experience

Delight guests with an ultra-fast, eco-friendly, paperless dry-cleaning service.

Create real revenue from hotel garment care services

Traditional dry-cleaning services are typically a loss leader. Turn that number from red to black by an average of $17K in additional top-line revenue for your hotel.

Automate backend hotel ops for better service

Save staff time on front-desk and housekeeping calls, paper receipt handling, and manual accounting.