Green Laundry Hacks: Tips and Tricks for Reducing Energy Consumption

Andrew O’Shea / 11:00 AM EST•April 29, 2023


Laundry is a necessary chore, but the process can consume a significant amount of energy and water, contributing to a larger environmental footprint. By adopting eco-friendly laundry habits, you can reduce your energy consumption, save money, and contribute to a greener planet. In this blog post, we’ll share some practical tips and tricks for making your laundry routine more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.


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Wash at Lower Temperatures

One of the easiest ways to reduce energy consumption during the laundry process is to wash your clothes at a lower temperature. Most detergents are effective at cleaning clothes even in cold water, and modern washing machines have cold wash settings specifically designed for energy efficiency. By washing at 30°C (86°F) instead of higher temperatures, you can save up to 40% of the energy used by your washing machine.

Use a High-Efficiency Washing Machine

When it’s time to replace your washing machine, consider purchasing a high-efficiency model. Energy Star-rated washing machines use approximately 25% less energy and 33% less water than standard models, significantly reducing your environmental impact and utility bills.


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Opt for Eco-Friendly Detergents

Choose eco-friendly laundry detergents that have a lower environmental impact. These detergents are typically made from plant-based ingredients, are biodegradable, and free from harmful chemicals. They are designed to work effectively at lower temperatures, further reducing your energy consumption.


Load Your Washing Machine Wisely

Maximizing the load capacity of your washing machine is a simple way to reduce energy consumption. Always aim for a full load, but avoid overloading the machine, as this can compromise cleaning efficiency and potentially damage your washing machine. Also, remember to sort your laundry by color and fabric type to prevent damage and maintain the quality of your clothes.


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Air-Dry Your Clothes

Air-drying your clothes is one of the most energy-efficient ways to dry laundry. Instead of using a tumble dryer, hang your clothes on a drying rack or clothesline, allowing them to dry naturally. This method not only saves energy but also extends the lifespan of your clothes by reducing wear and tear caused by tumble drying.

Wash Clothes Less Frequently

Consider washing your clothes less frequently when possible. Not all garments need to be washed after every wear, and over-washing can shorten the lifespan of your clothes. Spot cleaning small stains and airing out clothes between washes can help keep them fresh and reduce the number of laundry loads.

Use Dryer Balls

Dryer balls can help reduce drying time and energy consumption by improving airflow and separating clothes in the dryer. They also help reduce static and can soften fabrics, eliminating the need for fabric softeners and dryer sheets.


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Clean the Lint Filter

A simple but often overlooked tip is to clean your dryer’s lint filter after every load. A clogged lint filter can restrict airflow, causing your dryer to work harder and consume more energy. Regularly cleaning the filter improves drying efficiency and helps prevent potential fire hazards.


Adopting eco-friendly laundry habits is an easy and effective way to reduce energy consumption and contribute to a greener planet. By implementing these simple tips and tricks, you can save money, conserve resources, and minimize your environmental impact. Let’s make a conscious effort to embrace sustainable laundry practices and create a cleaner, greener future for all.


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